Four Dog Line


Four dog gangline , 2 x pairs.

This does not apply to lead dogs, but for all of the other team dogs. Please see the relevant photo for measurement required.

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For a four dog formation , 2 x pairs.

Complete made up towline for 4 dogs pulling a sled, rig or scooter.
Consists of :
  •  Shock absorber
  •  Double team section
  •  Double lead line

Note that the line does not include a karabiner or neckline

“Important! – Please read”

If you are ordering this gangline without accompanying harnesses then we need to know the length of the harness you intend to use for the non lead dogs.

This is so that we can arrange the neckline placement properly on the gangline to ensure an effective fit.

Please look at the relevant image for details of measurements

Additional information

Weight 640 g


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