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Gang Lines and Team Sections

All of our sled dog equipment and especially gang lines are designed specifically for hard working dogs who pull a rig ( cart ), sled or scooter. * see images below *.

All SASS dog lines are made out of extremely strong polyethylene rope and solid brass clips. You can choose from a range of colours too.

Some mushers like to mix colours on their towlines to differentiate between the main centre line and the neck or back lines. NOT A PROBLEM. For example, you could have the centre line in Blue and the neck and back lines in Red. This can sometimes help in a tangle situation. Just choose the ‘mixed colour’ option on the order page and send us an email describing your colour combination.

Note : Ganglines for larger teams ( over 3 ) will be supplied with an extra strength centre line, identified by a black stripe within the main colour. So, for example, if you order a towline for 4 dogs in BLUE then the centreline will be blue/black whilst the backlines and necklines will be plain blue. The same applies to the shock absorber ( No.2) and the loop ( No. 7 ). Snub lines ( No.8) will automatically be super strength.

Complete gang lines are available ready to hitch up or you can order individual items from the components pages.

The following chart itemises the components needed to make up a complete towline and covers the most common combinations up to 6 dogs, which is the maximum size of team entry at most British rallies, although up to 8 dogs is possible in some competitions. In training though any size of team is possible with the right equipment. With our lines you can just keep on adding sections to suit.

Note : If ordering complete ganglines, the karabiner and neckline is not included. They are listed in this chart for completeness.

Karabiner shock absorber single lead single team 2 dog lead 2 dog 2 dog team neckline
line section line staggered section
lead line
1 dog        1            1         1
2 dog – side by side        1            1         1        1
2 dog – staggered        1            1         1
3 dog – 2 in lead        1            1         1         1        1
3 dog – 1 in lead        1            1         1         1
4 dog        1            1         1         1        1
5 dog – 2 in lead        1            1         1         2         2        1
5 dog – 1 in lead        1            1         1         2
6 dog        1            1         1         2        1

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  1. #1 by Ewan Robertson (Snopeak) on August 31, 2011 - 12:47 pm

    Hi Sandy,
    The site is looking good, well done.
    It might be worth linking the numbers in your image to the item descriptions below it, so that people know which part is which.
    On a point of correctness, you note that the 6 dog is that largest team size at British rallies, I know the SHCGB have organised various rallies with a 5-8 dog class, as have SSHC, though they are Scottish ;) and when the NSDSC hold events, they accept teams up to 10 dogs.
    Ewan :)

  2. #2 by admin on September 1, 2011 - 11:47 am

    Hi Ewan,
    Thanks for dropping by. Good to hear from you.
    I will be adding links to the numbers, all part of the plan, but I wanted to get the site active ASAP.
    Good point about the teams sizes.
    How do you manage with 8 dogs on a rig?


  3. #3 by Ewan (Snopeak) on September 10, 2011 - 10:10 am

    You’re welcome.
    Great stuff, it’s great to see SASS having an on-line presence, so much trade these days is being done that way.
    It’s all in the training and having manageable dogs, having even done head-ons with large teams, during one training sessions the two teams that were out had at least 18 dogs, we passed three times, none of which had been pre-planned, and that included once on a corner and not on the widest of trails either.
    Hope to catch up with you during the season.
    Ewan :)

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