About Dog Boots

Booties are used for a variety of reasons.

1.) Mushing : To protect the dog’s feet from abrasion on hard dry trails and ‘snowballing’ on very cold snow. In certain cold conditons, snowballs will form in between a dog’s toes, making it uncomfortable for the dog to run and potentially damaging the foot.

2.) Medical : After minor injury a boot can be a benefit by protecting the wound whilst healing. The correct boot can help enormously during periods of recuperation.

SASS dog boots have a range of made to measure dog boots to cover all of the above circumstances and more.

Please feel free to contact us for advice on suitability.


A : Fleece with suede sole
B : Fleece with Cordura sole
C : Cordura with suede sole
D : All Fleece / Felt
E : All Cordura

  1. #1 by DDA Watch Ltd on May 4, 2012 - 3:12 pm

    We are looking to purchase two dog boots for a one year exempted dog (pit bull terrier type) who has a spinal injury and drags/doesn’t flip his paws back to clear the ground on every step, when walking, causing the skin to be scrapped off the top of his paws.
    Could you please give advice on what type of boot may suit best for this type of use. His owner has been bandaging so far to prevent them from damage.

    Thank you

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